The Tedster

~ If you discount the Obstetrician and the scrub nurses, I was the first person in the world to see him. He was swaddled in a winding flannel sheet, and wearing a stocking cap on his melon-round head, the typically,perfectly-shaped skull of … Continue reading

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~ Tomorrow, June 16th, the world will celebrate “Bloomsday”, in honour of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Published in 1922, the once berated, banned and burned book has also been defended, interpreted, even enjoyed by readers everywhere. Joyce himself said, it was … Continue reading

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Check out What your clothes really mean.

What’s been on my mind lately concerns fashion design, my point being that we don’t seem to stop and think about what a design symbolizes, even though the clothes we choose to buy are  statements to the world about who … Continue reading

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  My last, brief stint as a Nurse was in 1990. The AIDS epidemic was upon us, and it would be several years before the anti retrovirus drugs that promised to extend the life of sufferers would be made available. … Continue reading

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No room for me

~ Down to the waters of Lost Lagoon Comes by a squadron of Swans – wings akimbo and Bow waves in diamond Formation Round the bend find Sheen of Purple and Green heads The Drakes and Hens, Husbands and Wives … Continue reading

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The seagulls so cry and are large and want the crumbs That you’ll offer Out of your disrespect, often They fly up from Seattle for the fare .. Big and hungry .. As are the refugees from the inner Canadian … Continue reading

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Alistair MacLeod: Master and Mentor

~ ~ It was one of the last times I spoke with Alistair MacLeod.  I was attending the teaching faculty at the University of Windsor when our paths crossed one afternoon on campus. We both lived in the  neighbourhood only … Continue reading

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My Mum

She kept cigarettes in the freezer, for when Dad was away or at Christmases, when the boys were home and she’d sit around the kitchen table with Jamie and me and Michael, drinking liquor and her smoking illicit Players Navy … Continue reading

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Muriel’s Piano

  Not long ago, I found a small music studio around the corner from my apartment where the instructors specialize in adult students, and so, I finally made up my mind to take lessons. But learning to read music is … Continue reading

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My Life With Fellini

  Out of eight other people, Fellini singled me out, for no apparent reason. It happened on a warm summer night more than twenty years ago as my friends and I were sitting out on the back veranda of Ken’s farmhouse. … Continue reading

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