Royal Roads

The one hundred and twenty five year Old and now quite varnished Man Has decided that BIRDS should have populated his planet Peacefully, and met up with the other Intelligences in our Universe So, except during the hours when he … Continue reading

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Revision: Jimmy The Man-Child

  This is a revision of an old blog, printed today for Remembrance Day.  S.R. My maternal Grandmother, Mary Michaela O’Loughlin, gave birth to two families during the first quarter of the last century. There were five children in the … Continue reading

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My World Fifty Years Ago Part III

On Graduation Day, June, 1964, after the traditional shedding of the thread-bare, faded blue dresses worn under white bibs and aprons for three years, we put on new uniforms of purist white for the first time. A grand sit-down breakfast … Continue reading

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Iris -Redux-

I was out at the beach, catching our last rays and not watching my e-mail, so I’ve missed you again, Smartypants. I am doing something interesting though … I found out that Iris Murdoch had written another book called ‘The … Continue reading

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The Beauty and The Burden: Confessions of a Book Collector

I’m more confident in a book store than I will ever be in a retail outlet that touts women’s fashion. And I mean the whole gamut, from Walmart and Joe Fresh to Holt Refrew. Which explains the sparseness of clothes … Continue reading

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The Tedster

~ If you discount the Obstetrician and the scrub nurses, I was the first person in the world to see him. He was swaddled in a winding flannel sheet, and wearing a stocking cap on his melon-round head, the typically,perfectly-shaped skull of … Continue reading

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~ Tomorrow, June 16th, the world will celebrate “Bloomsday”, in honour of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Published in 1922, the once berated, banned and burned book has also been defended, interpreted, even enjoyed by readers everywhere. Joyce himself said, it was … Continue reading

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Check out What your clothes really mean.

What’s been on my mind lately concerns fashion design, my point being that we don’t seem to stop and think about what a design symbolizes, even though the clothes we choose to buy are  statements to the world about who … Continue reading

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  My last, brief stint as a Nurse was in 1990. The AIDS epidemic was upon us, and it would be several years before the anti retrovirus drugs that promised to extend the life of sufferers would be made available. … Continue reading

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No room for me

~ Down to the waters of Lost Lagoon Comes by a squadron of Swans – wings akimbo and Bow waves in diamond Formation Round the bend find Sheen of Purple and Green heads The Drakes and Hens, Husbands and Wives … Continue reading

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